Everything old is new again - discover retro Portland

Do you consider yourself a hip millennial? Someone always wanting to try out the newest and brightest, eschewing the old for the new? Well get down off your high horse and understand that sometimes older is better.

Portland is not an old city in the grand scheme of things. Even compared to the East Coast of the United States, we are still a babe in diapers. Having said that, part of the charm of this scenic city is the love for all things retro and residents love to step back in time for a blast from the past.
Here are a few of our favorites to try out.

Jake's Famous Crawfish

Jake's is Portland's second longest running restaurant and for good reason. Opened in 1892, this historic landmark is well known as being one of the premier places to be seen out on the town. Crawfish you exclaim, ick. Well, get over it. Jake's is regularly listed as one of the top ten seafood restaurants in the country for good reason with crawfish being only one of many options. Add in their famous bar and call yourself happy. After all, over a century of seafood can't be wrong.

flickr/NOAAs National Ocean Services

McMenamins Edgefield

Edgefield is one of the must see stops in the Portland area. Originally built in 1911 as a county poor farm this 74-acre property is one of the goldmines of the McMenamin brothers holdings. Now a unique estate offering up 100 European-style rooms, a soaking pool, multiple restaurant and bar options, pitch & putt golf, movies and outdoor concerts, Edgefield is a Portland favorite. Rooms features turn-of-the-century furnishings and whimsical murals abound creating a fairytale setting. Don't even think of drinking and driving. Just book yourself one of their overnight packages and thank us later.

Oaks Amusement Park

An amusement park you scoff? You may think you're too old to enjoy fun and games but get your butt on over to Oaks Amusement park anyway. This historic park opened in 1905 and is one of the ten oldest parks in the country. The roller rink is the oldest west of the Mississippi, a roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousal, and once even featured a roller skating elephant on the Midway. Still popular with old and young alike, special events like their annual haunted house keep the crowds coming back for more. Experience your own little west coast version of Coney Island here.


Portlands Vintage Shops

To bring your own brand of Portland retro home check out one of the cities many vintage shops. One of the best is Village Merchants. Crammed with everything old, some antique and some not, Village Merchants is a hothouse of quirky furnishings, artwork, and clothes sending you back in time to pretty much whatever decade you choose. A great stop to pick up that something special to remember your visit with.

Portland is well known for having eccentric residents, never ending rain, and a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. Stop by and check out her continually evolving past as well.

Rhonda Delameter is a freelance travel writer, long-time Portland native, and blogger at thenextbigadventure.net