5 retro Denver spots to please your old soul

For those with an old soul but a spirit that just won't quit, these five Denver spots are the perfect places to get your retro vibe on. This vintage-inspired guide through Denver offers lodging, entertainment and eating options for those just really seeking an escape to the past.

Ditch the idea of another yawn-filled visit to a museum. Actually experience history instead of just gazing at dusty old artifacts. From the antique-obsessed to the energetic 80's fanatic, there is a retro hotspot in the Mile High City for you.

1. Brown Palace Hotel

First and foremost, drop your bags off at your room at the Brown Palace Hotel. This hotel has seen more of Denver than it would probably have liked. Since opening in 1892, it's interesting to think about how many different people have entered this luxurious establishment, from travelers of the Old West to former presidents to The Beatles. Don't forget to go ghost hunting though. You may actually catch a glimpse of a past visitor. But keep your cool scaredy cat; this is a fancy place.

2. The Buckhorn Exchange

You're probably hungry after traveling to Denver and drooling over your sweet digs at the Brown Palace Hotel. So head to the Buckhorn Exchange, which is only a 10 minute drive from the Brown Palace, for some meat with a side of meat. This meat-centric manor is Denver's classic steakhouse and has been serving carnivores since 1893. Past presidents and celebrities have dined at the Buckhorn, so it's good enough for you and your fanny pack. The taxidermy in the front room reminds you why you are here - meat. It's meat. It's all about meat. You can't visit Denver without trying some interesting meat options here, such as buffalo, elk, quail or the Rocky Mountain oysters. Colorado is landlocked dummy, so these aren't really oysters. P.S. they are bull testicles.

3. Fifty-Two 80's

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After indulging at the Buckhorn, you may want to walk off that bloated belly full of bison. Drive on over to Fifty-Two 80's, which is a store that is an 80's obsessed mess. All 80's kids will love walking back in time at this second-hand store. Find your favorite Troll doll or score that Saved by the Bell figurine to complete your collection. If it was from the 80's, it's probably for sell at Fifty-Two 80's. How totally awesome is that?

4. 88 Drive-In Theatre

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Downtown Denver can get a bit stuffy, especially after the 80's eye-gasm you just experienced at Fifty-Two 80's. So head a little out of the city for a relaxing movie at 88 Drive-In Theatre. This retro drive-in has given teenagers a makeout spot since 1976. You'll get to catch modern-day blockbusters on the upgraded projector. You might have an old soul but the movie buff in you would be horrified to watch anything that isn't in HD.

5. The 1up

Get drunk and play some old school games at The 1up. There are actually two locations in Denver, so the middle school nerd in you can get your game on twice as hard. If you are staying at the Brown Palace Hotel, both of The 1up's locations are only a mile away from the hotel. This arcade bar will take you back to your childhood, minus the bullies and the braces. The 1up offers 45 different arcade games along with pinball machines and skeeball. Oh, there is also booze too. With 14 beers on tap, you're sure to gain some confidence to ask Suzy to the school dance. Game on.

Madison is a freelance writer living near Denver and chooses to wear bell bottoms every chance she gets. Follow her on Instagram @madidragna