Best bun fillers in Detroit

There's a subtle magic that happens when eating a burger. The world just seems melt away as you two-fist a large hunk of meat pressed tightly between the preferred bun of your choice. Whether on a date or with friends, conversation barely happens between the pleasant grunts and the "Mmmm" that comes with every bite of cheesy, grilled perfection. With this burger bliss in mind, I've picked some of my favorite places to hit up when I'm looking to get my hands on a great burger downtown.

Rob Dollete via Flickr

Mercury Burger Bar, Corktown
Mercury was once a 50's diner that sat run down for decades, until it was revamped into a delicious burger joint that embraced the 50's aesthetic. Mercury's menu is all about melding flavors that enhance the thick and juicy patties that adorn most of their buns. Take their French Onion burger that includes gruyère and perfectly caramelized onions, add some of their cheese and chili covered tator tots and you have yourself a recipe for an amazing afternoon out on their patio.

Green Dot Stables, Detroit
There is nothing wrong with little buns and Green Dot Stables makes sure to fill those buns with just about every combination of meats, cheeses, veggies, and spreads you can imagine. Green Dot is also known for their Mystery Meat slider specials that can be anything from BBQ Ostrich to Trout and Grapefruit. My personal favorites are the Chicken and Waffle burger or Glazed Pork Belly but with their $2-$3 a piece price tag, feel free to explore as much of their menu as possible, you won't be disappointed.

chief_huddleston, Flickr

Five Guys, Greektown
I'm a sucker for being able to personalize my food and Five Guys let's you do that without ever overwhelming you with those choices. Their menu is simple with only a few additions happening over the years they've been around, but that only means what they have on there is done to perfection. Add to that their weird but awesome tendency to throw extra fries into your takeout bag on top of what's in your order, and you have a greasy sack of food that keeps on giving.

Basement Burger Bar, Detroit
Basement Burger takes the kitchen sink approach to their burgers. You literally write on the menu to build whatever mozzarella stick, marinara, and onion straw burger monstrosity you wish to make. I was lucky enough to stumble into their new Detroit location on their opening day and man was I happy with their wide array of premium toppings. From blue cheese to pretzel buns and a couple dozen sauces, there are tons of items to top your frankenburger with.

Union Woodshop, Clarkston
OK, wasn't originally going to include this as they're outside Detroit area, but this is my list and you will thank me once you taste what the Woodshop has to offer. They're better known for their slow-cooked BBQ items but their Porker burger is what gets them on this list. It is a juicy pork patty, Michigan maple bacon, house-made hot sausage link, smoked cheddar, topped with a south Carolina BBQ mayo and while that may seem like "too much" trust that it is worth upping your smash game for this one.

RJ Montalvo can usually be found roaming around downtown Detroit trying to weed out the best our city has to offer.