Have a bachelor party like a grown ass man in Kansas City

When you hear the term "bachelor party" it is easy to conjure up images of trashy strip clubs, cheesy limos, way too much cheap booze and a weird desperation to have some stereotypical "bachelor party bro" definition of a good time. We don't need that crap. You're a grown ass man, and it's time to have a big boy bachelor party. It's time for good food, good booze, good music and a good time that doesn't look like an outtake from a stupid movie. I'm sorry, but The Hangover sucks. You're not in a fraternity anymore, bro, so tuck in your shirt, leave the tank top in the trash can where I put it, and celebrate your final days as a single man as just that, a grown ass man.

Kansas City Royals
Going to a baseball game is a classic American bonding experience and millions of people head to the stadium every year. Grandmas go to ball games, little kids go to ball games, babies even go to ball games. Those people ain't coming to your bachelor party though, so we need to find a way to take them out of the equation. This is also YOUR party, so sitting in the bleachers with all the other chumps isn't happening either. For this game, we're sitting in the Diamond Club. Although it may sound like a strip club, the Diamond Club is the best seat, or group of seats, at Kauffman Stadium. Located behind home plate, the DC has its own wait staff, its own private bar/concession stand and a private air-conditioned indoor area. It's the best party at Kauffman and a surefire way to kick off the bachelor party in style.

Sporting KC
One live sports event is fun, so we're hitting two for twice the drinking, eating and good times. This time we're skipping the fancy stuff and getting right down in the middle of the crazies. The Blue Hell section at Children's Mercy Park (the stadium that SI soccer writer Grant Wahl just called the best 20,000 seat stadium in the world) is where the face painted, body painted, helmet wearing, drum beating, never sitting, never quiet super fans of Sporting Kansas City sit. That's where we're going. Sitting in the Blue Hell is basically a way of continuing your tailgate party while still being able to watch the game live. You won't sit down, you will have a beer in hand the whole time and you better learn the songs because you'll be singing and chanting throughout the entire match.

Boulevard beer hall
It would be natural to ask if you should head to the Boulevard Beer Hall before or after any of the other items on the list. The answer is yes. The beer hall is day drinking paradise with communal seating as well as individual tables to cram as many of your friends as possible into the party. The inside area is wide open and huge, and the outdoor patio has great views of downtown KC. All of Boulevard's beers are on tap, but the real draw is the limited and test beers that you can't get anywhere else. That's drinking like a grown up. Chugging beer flavored water that is marketed as "light" is for rookies. Party like a seasoned veteran with a few pints or a tasting flight of Boulevard's finest liquid gold.

Crossroads KC
Crossroads KC is the best medium sized concert venue in town. It's in the heart of the Crossroads arts and entertainment district, so there are plenty of bars and other good times to be found before and after whatever show you decide on. The musical selection is all over the place too, so you're sure to have a good time with some throwback rap like Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, classic hipster rock from Elvis Costello or any of the other folk, reggae and other genres that make their appearance at this urban gem. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are typically where logic and good judgment go to die, so if you do feel the need to do something stupid that you can later blame on alcohol, try eating even one of the infamous "death wings" from the attached restaurant, Grinders. "Melt your face off" is probably the best way to describe the sauce, and once you have regained your ability to see, smell and function in general, you won't have to deal with any of the shame that comes with typical bachelor party mistakes.

Manifesto/The Rieger
While you're naturally going to be eating at everything we've mentioned so far, the last two places on the party plan are as Kansas City as it gets. The Rieger is one of KC's hippest and best restaurants. Make a reservation so you and the boys won't have to wait around like the chumps standing on the sidewalk bitching about the hour long wait for a table. Even if you do have to wait, The Rieger is worth it. You absolutely need to make reservations for the after dinner drinks at Manifesto, which is the speakeasy style bar in the basement of The Rieger. Manifesto wrote the book for KC's craft cocktail scene, and the drinks still set the tone for grown up cocktails in town. There's nothing pretentious about The Rieger/Manifesto either, so treat your crew to some of the best food and drink in town and if you have to include games in a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend, the "Al Capone pissed here" sign in The Rieger men's room is about as good as it gets for photo scavenger hunts.

Joe's Kansas City
It is a law of universe that you have to get barbecue in Kansas City. Joe's is one of the kings of KC barbecue and is the perfect place to order out and bring the bachelor party to your space. There are more options for bbq than I can count in KC, so hit the place with the most well known sandwich, the Z-Man, and the best fries, as they seem to be voted every year in at least one local poll. Joe's is perfect for sitting on a patio or deck with music blasting and ice cold beer flowing. End the party weekend with your shoes off, your plate full of smoked meat and your friends already talking about the best bachelor party they've ever been to.

Drew knows that there's nothing worse than a cheesy bachelor party when Kansas City has so much more to offer and he wants you to celebrate your freedom in style.