Take a retro tour of Kansas City

You don't need a thrift store wardrobe, a Cadillac with vinyl seats or a fondue dinner to get retro in Kansas City. While there are plenty of modern places to hang out, have a drink and have a plate of food, KC is all about the past, present and future. Don't get hung up on the idea that newer is better, because these are the places in KC where you will find old school drinks, music, fun and classy-ass times no matter what the occasion.

The Ship
The Ship is kind of a dive, kind of a club and kind of always awesome. You may catch Fat Sal spinning 1970s funk on vinyl if you show up on Friday night, but if not, the jukebox is always pumping out music that would have made James Brown say "DAMN!!!!!" Located in the West Bottoms neighborhood, The Ship is not the kind of place you'll just stumble across, even with the giant 1950s style sign out front, which is actually in an alley. The Ship was a KC hotspot from the 1930s up until the 1990s before its building was condemned. Fortunately for all of us lovers of polyester, it has been brought back to its former glory and has set sail once again for ports of cocktail pleasure. Too many nautical puns? Too bad! Anchors away, matey!

Green Lady Lounge
The Green Lady is the kind of place to go when you want to feel swanky. The bartenders are top-notch at making old school cocktails, the lighting is, well, barely existent and the difference between 1965 and 2017 is only apparent because of the glow of cell phone screens. All that aside, you come to the Green Lady for one reason, and that is to hear the kind of music that your grandparents probably got paddled for sneaking out to listen to. Horns and organ rule the night at the GLL. You can wear jeans, but the band will always be suited up. Posers beware, if you aren't here for the music, you can walk your happy ass down the street to the "normal" bars.

The Phoenix
The Phoenix is a good place to hit if you want things a little more laid back than the Green Lady and jazz is your game. The music is sexy AF at both places, but you may actually be able to carry on a conversation at The Phoenix if that's part of your agenda. You may also get lucky enough to hear my boy, Damon Parker, tickle the ivories with a sweet sensibility that he is known for around these parts. The Phoenix is old school classy at its Kansas City finest and should definitely make your list for places to get retro here in town.

Fritz's Meat and Superior Sausage Company
Your shoes stick to the floor, you can't use the bathroom because there isn't one and the food is really good and really cheap. Holy crap, this place is a a winner and a throwback. The first good sign is that there is a really old, really big smoker out front. It's wood fired and dripping grease, so put that in the old school win column. The sausages range from standard to pretty out there (South African, anyone?) but they're all damn good. Whether you get a lunch special or not, you're going to have to try pretty hard to spend more than about $5.00, but either way you'll be enjoying that Fritz's smoke long after your sausage is gone.

KC Crew
When you've had your last Old Fashioned, smoked your last Paul Mall and done some other wacky shit that isn't good for you, it's time to at least pretend to get some exercise. It's time for KC Crew. KCC runs the show in KC when it comes to old school, throwback, recess-style games. Kickball, corn-hole, flag football and other toss back games are on the agenda. No matter what you're looking for, KC Crew has you covered.

Drew is old school and he likes to kick it old school all over Kansas City. If it's retro and in KC, he's down to boogie.