The Freedom Trail gets boring--stop and eat along the way

Boston is a beautiful city full of tourist hotspots and history porn. One of the most-visited of these attractions is the Freedom Trail, which winds its way throughout the Historic North End. The only issue is that you'll be barraged by some good old-fashioned New England weather as you walk the trail--but never fear! There are a few great spots to take refuge or rest while simultaneously filling your belly with fine cuisine.

Make sure you're full before you read this.



The door to Saus is directly on the Freedom Trail itself, and in the summer you'll see the large industrial windows open to allow the smell to permeate the sidewalk. The restaurant is aptly named--a condiment-centric, street-food emulating, craft-beer peddling hipster lounge that serves creative sandwiches and perfect fries. Taste the different custom sauces before settling on two or three, and get a huge order of fries to share with the table. You can't go wrong with twists on classic sandwiches like the Sloppy Jacques or the Spicy Tuna Roll, nor the inventive sauces like the Green Monster (jalapenos, habaneros, cilantro, and garlic), or the Andalouse (tomato, paprika, onions, mayo). Top it all off with a craft beer and you'll be fully insulated for the rest of your journey to freedom.

Falafel King
Healthy Vegetarian Falafel Pitabhofack2

It may be a chain, but you won't find a better bang for your buck in Boston in regards to falafel joints. It's the kind of place where you have to know what you want when you get to the counter. If you waffle about your falafel, prepare yourself for glares and grumbles. It can be intimidating the first time, but it's worth the trouble for a massive and aromatic plate of Mediterranean vittles. Not to mention the free falafel you get at the counter. Get extra hot sauce, extra napkins, and extra hungry for this scrumptious styrofoam dish.

Strega Restaurant In The North End Of Boston, MABoston Globe via Getty Images

The most expensive and famous of these stop is this Boston Italian powerhouse. It is pretty fancy, and certainly not a place for gym shorts, but there isn't a better option for authentic Italian food in the city. And being a Boston restaurant, Strega dedicates a large part of its menu to seafood. And this is some damn good fish--the cod is soft as butter and the scallops melt in your mouth. Combine that with perfectly prepared pasta and you have yourself the quintessential Boston dining experience--all just a step away from the Freedom Trail.

Boston isn't the biggest city, but it packs quite a bit into a small space. Take some time to sit and soak in the culture, and do everything in your power to avoid getting in a car. It's the worst. Just the worst.

Stephen Rumizen grew up in Boston and resided there until he got sick of bragging about the city's major sports championships.