10 indie songs for the new, independent you taking a road trip this summer

You did it! You finally dumped that lazy/needy/conniving/too nice/doesn't like Taco Bell/smelly/not smelly enough/mean person, and you're ready for a fun, free summer of you. First things first: Time to plan a solo road trip so you can throw your hand out the car window, feel the summer breeze blow through your new haircut and just really get back to being yourself.

As always, we're here to help. In honor of your newfound independence, here are 10 songs from independent artists to add to your summer-road-trip playlist. We put them all through a rigorous litmus test of whether or not we like them. Enjoy!

1. No Age — I Won't Be Your Generator

"I won't be your, your generator / You won't get no power from me." Sing it out loud.

2. JEFF the Brotherhood — Stay Up Late

It's summer. You're free. That means no school! So you get to stay up late! Unfortunately you are probably a working adult with a job, but hey you can still stay up late on weekends.

3. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears — Come to My Party

It's a party of one and you're invited.

4. King Tuff — Baby Just Break

"Baby, just break the rules / You don't got too much time, you know / Baby, just break the rules /
What's it gonna take to free my soul?"

5. Guided by Voices — Motor Away

"When you free yourself / from the chance of a lifetime / you can be anyone they told you to..." Be free. Be proud.

6. Tame Impala — The Less I Know the Better

This one's for the moment when you start suddenly missing your ex and inevitably melt down like a stick of butter in a hot car. Tame Impala has basically only written about breakups, so they'll get you through this one.

7. Future Islands — Walking Through That Door

Who even loves you anymore? Future Islands, that's who the f%@! who.

8. Sturgill Simpson — Turtles All the Way Down

Perfect for that sunset as you crest a mountain highway. Also turtles are in the title and he sings about reptile aliens. How can that not make you happy?

9. Japandroids — Sovereignty

This has nothing to do with Israel and Palestine, and everything to do with you having your own damn say over your own damn self. Now you don't have to deal with anyone else the next time you want stay in pajamas all day eating leftover pizza and watching Netflix. Maybe that's a bad example, but still, you do you.

10. Tennis — Modern Woman

Aaaand we're back to the meltdown. Oh, f$%# it.