3 Denver coffee shops remote workers will love

The age of cubicles and commutes is waning--giving way to a more modern era of Millennials who work in their pajamas. The need for a stuffy office is dwindling, and the new requirements are as slight as working Wifi and and a set of earbuds. For those who work remote jobs, the idea of never leaving the apartment Monday through Friday can be quite enticing. But people need people. People need change. People need a reason to put on real pants and make themselves look presentable. And here's where hip coffee shops come in:

Mutiny (South Broadway)
Stephen Rumizen

On the corner of Ellsworth and Broadway is a hipster haven that serves coffee, sells old books and vinyls, and provides retro video games to those in need. Sit at the window counter for a perfect people-watching vantage point while you sip your cappuccino and tap away on your Macbook. Feed your need for a break with a bout on the classic pinball machine, or pop a fresh pastry into your gullet. It's all there for the taking--as long as you get your ass into some real clothes and venture out of your WFH cave.

Crema (RiNo)
The new Central Market on Larimer street in the RiNo district in Denver, Colorado.Denver Post via Getty Images

RiNo is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Denver, so it stands to reason that the coffee shops there are just as cool. Crema is one of those coffee shops. Surrounded by street art and breweries, you'll be in distraction heaven as you pretend to get work done. In addition to its premium location, this coffee shop serves some magnificent food including a pork-belly bahn mi and a Korean reuben. Who needs scones anyway?

Amethyst (Cap Hill)

Probably the bougiest spot on this list, Amethyst gives off a bright and chic vibe. It is the physical manifestation of how your mind should look as you try to do work--clean, uncluttered, focused on providing its service. Did I mention the outdoor fireplace? I think anyone will warm up to Amethyst no matter the season. Just grab a specialty drink and get to work in comfort.

For all you remote workers--I hope I've pointed you in the right direction. And for everyone else--I hope I haven't made you reconsider your desk job too seriously...

Stephen Rumizen is a desk-jockey who envies his pajama-pant-wearing WFH friends and their freedom.