3 Denver movie theaters that serve good craft beer

Sometimes your 55" 4K tv just doesn't cut it.

Sometimes you've finished Netflix--like... all of Netflix.

Sometimes there's a movie that has been so hyped up you can't bear to wait for it to hit Amazon.

Sometimes, drinking in your apartment can be depressing. Sometimes.

For those times, the best remedy is a hip, local movie theater that serves hip, local beer. Denver has a few of these establishments that could be your jam when "sometimes" occurs.

Mayan (Broadway)
DENVER, COLORADO, MAY 9, 2006--A photo of the Mayan Theater to illustrate Denver's changing indie theater field. Although LandmaDenver Post via Getty Images

If you've ever walked down South Broadway in the evening, you've seen a massive, retro Mayan sign jutting out high over the sidewalk. This should give you an idea of the experience the theater offers; a classic olde live theater look with modern amenities that combine for a hipster's dream. Colorful statues and fancy architecture surround you as you order from a selection of Denver craft beers, and make your way to a balcony seat for the show. Tickets are reasonable, seats are comfy, and the best indie films are always playing.

Pavilions 15 (16th St Mall)
Flickr/Paul Sableman

The Yang to the Mayan's Yin, Pavilions is the mainstream theater choice in Denver. Right on the beaten path (which means it's on 16th Street Mall), it overlooks the center of the city and feels brand new. Escalators, arcade games, and an extensive candy selection will attract a younger crowd, but that shouldn't stop us adults from enjoying a good beer during Star Wars. Expect huge screens, high resolution, epic sound, and a whole lot of butter on your popcorn.

Alamo Drafthouse (Littleton)
Flickr/Phil Glockner

You'll have to travel a little farther to LIttleton for this one, but it offers something that the others do not: Dinner. Alamo Drafthouse is a full-service restaurant-slash-theater where your food comes to you. Get a beer with dinner and have a good old fashioned American experience, complete with a tv-dinner tray, comfy chair, and a Hollywood flick. Top it all off with a decadent milkshake (these are the best things on the menu) instead of generic movie theater candy. This place is worth the drive to and from Denver.

Get off your ass and go see a movie as it was meant to be seen: on a big screen with a big beer.

Stephen Rumizen has never needed an excuse to hit the movies. Unless Netflix hasn't been finished yet.