Yume Wo Katare: A ramen-lover's dream in Cambridge, MA

If you're at least mildly interested in food, chances are you want your dining experience to be just that-- and experience. And i'm not talking about the "Our server was a dick" kind of experience. I'm talking about a real, emotional and fulfilling affair with your food. Yume Wo Katare in Cambridge is a Ramen joint like no other, in that it offers an experience you'll remember for a very reasonable price.

The name of the restaurant roughly translates to "Tell your dream," which turns out to be quite literal--after you've finished your meal, you'll be asked to stand up and tell your life's dream to everyone in the restaurant. Don't worry--if you're afraid of public speaking you can gracefully decline to share (but you should really get into the spirit of the whole thing).

Yume Wo Katare, New Ramen RestaurantBoston Globe via Getty Images

All this funkiness would be for naught if the food wasn't killer. Which brings us to the menu (pro tip: it's just ramen). I like a restaurant that's confident enough to boil everything down to one perfect dish. In this case, it's a massive bowl of ramen with either garlic or no garlic, and three pieces of pork or five. And when I say pork I mean melt-in-your-mouth, slow-cooked tender slabs of succulent meat that help flavor the already premium broth.

Yume Wo Katare, New Ramen RestaurantBoston Globe via Getty Images

The folks at Yume Wo Katare like to get their patrons more involved than just eating. Along with the dream-sharing segment of dinner, you can look forward to an honest rating of your eating performance. These evaluations are announced to the entire restaurant at the conclusion of your meal, and consist of ratings such as, "Better luck next time," "Not bad," "Almost," and "Perfect." And if you think a "perfect" rating gets handed out to people with broth still in their bowl, you're dreaming.
If you're shy and have a less-than-massive appetite, Yume might not be your cup of ramen. But for everyone else, this small restaurant in Cambridge will have you coming back for seconds (and braving the perpetually long lines that form outside the door on a daily basis). Just know what your dreams are when you walk in the door, and always finish your broth.