3 Spots to get sour beer in Denver

The whole craft beer movement has been gaining steam for a few years now, and continues to innovate and transform. If you've soured on all the IPAs being sold around Denver, it may be time to try something new. Something tart, fruity, fresh, and colorful--you know, something that won't hop you to death. Check out these three spots where you can start your sour beer journey in style:

Goed Zuur
Stephen Rumizen

This beer bar in Five Points is a mecca for sours, and a haven for beer-heads. Yes, the name is weird and impossible to pronounce, but it speaks to the funkiness that is the sour beer movement (it translates to, "Good Acid" in Dutch). Goed Zuur doesn't produce their own brews, but offer a selection from all over the world (including many locally brewed beers), and are likely the first bar in the nation to serve exclusively sour beers and wild ales. Oh, and make sure you check order one of the 25.9oz pitchers--they look really cool.

Crafty Fox
The Crafty Fox Taproom and PizzeriaAnya Semenoff via Getty Images

A fairly new addition to the Denver beer scene, Crafty Fox is a bar/pizza joint that boasts an attractive view of the Denver skyline from it's second-floor patio. Complete with cornhole, table-top shuffleboard, and artisanal pizzas, Crafty Fox is a truly great hang spot for you and your crew. Their "thing" is that they make all their food using spent ingredients from Diebolt Brewing Company's beer like grain, hops, yeast, and wort. It sounds like an iffy concept, but the end product is delicious food that pairs perfectly with a craft beer. Their sour beer list is extensive and well-curated, making for the ideal summer outing. Find a spot on the patio, order a personal pizza, and sip your sour as you gaze at a sunset over Denver.

Crooked Stave
Colorado elite beerDenver Post via Getty Images

Crooked Stave is arguably the founder of the sour beer movement in Denver, and they've held true to their roots since 2013. They have vowed to keep at least five sour beers on tap at all times, so you'll have to do some taste testing when you get there. Their brews are now widely renowned and worth every penny (they tend to cost quite a few pennies). This rustic brewery is tucked away in the The Source building and welcomes families along with anyone who wants to experience some top notch beer.

Now that your mouth is fully puckered, you can take a break before you embark on your next beer voyage and gear up for the next wave of craft beer innovation. Just remember to tip your bartender.

Stephen Rumizen has been enjoying beer since his 21st birthday and not a day sooner, mom!