Five sci-fi vehicles we want to take on a road trip

Science fiction is great for lots of things: Pretending the planet will survive another 100 years, Matt Damon planting potatoes and even the occasional worthwhile book or film. Sci-fi is also really great at thinking up kick-ass vehicles that can do all sorts of nifty things.

Here are five vehicles from sci-fi films that we wish we could take on our next road trip:

1. X-34 landspeeder, Star Wars

Brian Snyder/Reuters

There's not a lot of room for luggage, so you'll have to pack light, but going with the open-air model will provide that ultimate feeling of freedom as the summer wind blows through your dirty blond hair and desert tunic. Or, you know, whatever it is you wear.

Bonus points for the hovering ability of this landspeeder, which means you can off-road like a champ.

And yes, we know they don't sell as well ever since the X-38 came out, but we prefer to ride in vintage style.

2. M577 Armored Personnel Carrier, Alien(s)

The M577 APC from the Aliens movies.
Xenopedia - Wikia

Planning a trip anywhere near a G20 summit with 14 of your closest friends? This might be the right car for you.

The downside is you'll need two people to operate this bad boy, a driver and section commander (sounds way cooler than calling shotgun), but there's room for 13 more to strap in. Considering how well armored this thing is, it's actually quite mobile and nimble. The section commander can monitor the surroundings in real-time up to a 100-mile radius. Normally that would be useful for killing space monsters, but surely it can be tweaked to track Taco Bell stops along your route.

Bonus points for this vehicle being based off real-life APCs used by U.S. Marines.

3. DeLorean, Back to the Future

Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Where we're going on this road trip, we don't need roads. Or maybe we do.

That's the beauty of this time-traveling DeLorean — it's totally your call! Drive up to Seattle or back to 1955, it doesn't matter. But if you want to stay in the current timeline, just remember to keep that speed under 88 MPH.

It's hard to imagine a better vehicle for cruising the highways than this bad boy. Just remember that the doors open up, not out (awkward!).

4. 1964 Chevy Malibu, Repo Man

The Chevy Malibu from the movie Repo Man.

Like we said, we like road tripping in vintage style. This car drives like a dream, but you'll want to be extra careful when opening up the trunk.

Clearly the playlist is uber-important when driving this beauty — Black Flag and Circle Jerks are required.

The one downside is you'll be constantly harassed by others who really, REALLY, want to take this car from you. But as long as you have the right driver, and aren't interested in any relationships, you'll be fine.

5. V8 Interceptor, Mad Max

Cars Of The Stars
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Particularly suited for road trips taken in Australia, the Interceptor will definitely make you look and feel pretty tough. It's also great if you're in a hurry, with an estimated 600 horsepower. Yeah, 600.

It also comes with great options, like the ability to install a special seat for dogs or strange young children, as well as multiple booby-trap and hidden weaponry packages.

The V8 will give you the road trip of a lifetime, with the maximum force of the future.

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