10 Cool indie songs about airplanes

Ahh, there's nothing more glamorous than travel by plane! The smell of feet as the person next to you kicks off their shoes; the need for muscle relaxers as your legs cramp; the eruptions of violence over politics — it truly is the most luxurious and sophisticated way to explore the world.

As you pack for your next trip by air, add these 10 indie songs to your travel playlist and you'll quickly forget all about that a-hole who refuses to put his phone in airplane mode:

Superchunk — Out on the Wing

Neutral Milk Hotel — In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Archers of Loaf — All the Nation's Airports

Guided by Voices — Striped White Jets

British Sea Power — The Spirit of St. Louis

Hot Snakes — LAX

Husker Du — Private Plane

Shellac — Wingwalker

Tegan & Sara — Hop a Plane

The Black Keys — Aeroplane Blues

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