Maps for Mammos: We're Putting Our Money Where Our Routes Are

Editor's note: Thank you for your support! We are happy to report that Mapquest will be donating

Did you know that during the month of October you can help save lives just by using MapQuest?

We're turning pink and putting our money where our routes are with Maps for Mammos. Every day, thousands of routes are generated on For every route dedicated and shared during the month of October, MapQuest will make a donation to Young Survival Coalition (with a maximum donation of $50,000).


Here's how to create, dedicate and share your maps (beginning October 1):

1. Visit
2. Click "Get Directions"
3. Input your "Where are you starting" and "Where are you going" information
4. Choose your route and click "View Route Directions"
5. Click on the pink "Share and dedicate your route" button and choose how you wish to share the dedication (via email, through social media or by sending directly to a mobile number)
6. That's it! Thank you for helping our cause.

Total miles dedicated so far*: 36,982,031

Check out what cities are sharing Maps for Mammos:

We know that while the road to recovery from a breast cancer diagnosis can be long and hard, every bit of awareness, education and funding can make a big difference.

*Updated daily.

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