Visiting Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Seasons, Fees, Permits and Lodging

Cuyahoga National Park is open all year, but certain attractions have hours that vary with the season. There is no fee to enter the park, but some programs and special events, like concerts, may charge admission. Donations are accepted. Permits are required for weddings, commercial filming and select other activities. Year-round lodging is provided at the Inn at Brandywine Falls and Stanford House. Backcountry campsitesare available for hikers and bikers by reservation.

An Urban Retreat

Even as far back as the 19th century, Ohioans from Akron and Cleveland escaped to Cuyahoga Valley when they tired of urban life. Today, the park remains a respite for city dwellers, many of whom enjoy walking the park's 125 miles of hiking trails, or bikingthe historic Canal Towpath Trail. One unique attraction lets visitors bike the trail one way, and ride the park's scenic railway back, or vice versa.

History Comes Alive

Visit to Brandywine Falls (Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio)
Cuyahoga's historic structures keep the past alive. Many buildings in the 19th century town of Peninsula are included in the National Register of Historic Places, although most of them are privately owned. Among those historic building is the Boston Store Visitor Center. Originally a warehouse adjacent to the Ohio & Erie Canal, and later a the building now hosts provides information for visitors and is home to exhibits on topics like the history of canal boat building. Elsewhere in the park, you can tour some of the area's historic farms, such as the Conrad Botzum Farmstead, built by an immigrant family from Germany in the 19th century and preserved by descendants of the original settlers. The Everett Road Covered Bridgeis the only one of its kind in Summit Country, Ohio. The bridge is a popular subject of amateur photographers.

Scenic Vistas

Visitors can ride a scenic railway through Cuyahoga Valley, or stop by Brandywine Falls and hike the 1.5-mile Brandywine Gorge Trail.